Welcome to the website of the Association of Hydrogen Power. The main objective of this association is to publicize and promote activities (training, research, development, …) that are related to the use of hydrogen as an energy vector in particular and renewable energy and energy saving in general. Given the increase in energy consumption (especially from nations that are beginning to experience strong economic growth, such as China or India), progressive and inexorable depletion of fossil resources and the Global warming due to the greenhouse effect, hydrogen along with renewable energy and, in the longer term, nuclear fusion is the key to entering a new energy scenario conducive to sustainable development. Renewable energy sources have much importance in the international energy scene and surely his role in coming years will be even more relevant. Obtaining hydrogen only makes sense if it is made using renewable energy such as solar or wind power, eliminating the dependence on fossil fuels. This allows, moreover, a greater use of renewable energy, eliminating the disadvantages its intermittent nature. Therefore, this new energy panorama will only be achieved when possible to get hydrogen cleanly, economically and decentralized the consumer has at its disposal the necessary technology for the utilization of this energy. These factors can lead us towards a new energy horizon more stable and more environmentally friendly. To get there however, will still go a very long way with many obstacles. From this, we want to contribute to putting our grain of sand.